Chesuncook VIllage Association (The Original and ONLY Village Property Owners' Association)

Is the lake draining or filling?

 Upper Penobscot :Seboomook Dam

 Lower Penobscot :McKay Station

Caucomagomoc Dam

Chesuncook Village Church Appeal Letter

Older View of Graveyard Point

Our Village:

     We all value the unique nature of Chesuncook Village. To quote from our Association’s By-Laws as amended in 1981 by Dave Wharf, “To strive to make Chesuncook Village a model wilderness community by protecting and perpetuating the rural, historic and primitive character of a lifestyle which exists and has existed here since the early 1800’s. Also to represent our community in all matters involving local, state and federal agencies and the public in general.” 

     The Chesuncook Village Association represents property owners, friends, and guests without restrictions or approval by a committee. We are an active, vibrant organization serving the needs of village residents since 1976.

     Chesuncook has always been a very special place; trees may grow and be cut down, but we'll always remember the way the village appeared and how we all looked out for one another.

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     Remember: "Chesuncook" means "The Meeting Place."


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